Made in Hackney: Sisters are killing it with their cereal

Husk & Honey Granola.

Husk & Honey Granola. - Credit: Archant

Every week, we take to the streets to unearth something being manufactured or produced right here in Hackney. This week, we hear about two cereal-making sisters who have been bowled over by their own success.

Two sisters who gave up their careers to start their own granola company Husk and Honey are taking the country by storm.

Hedie Howells, of Stoke Newington, became obsessed with the cereal on holiday in Brazil, where people would make it fresh in their home.

So when she got back to London she was inspired to try it out for herself, unimpressed with the options on the shelves.

After making some for a friend to sell at a farmers market demand snowballed and 18 months ago she quit her job as a psychologist on the NHS to go full time. And her investment banker sister Verity soon followed.

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“We set up a website and had a few stockists interested,” said Hedie. “Then through word of mouth more people got in touch and now we’re selling it across the UK.

“Our granola is unique because it is baked and shipped fresh, and this means that we don’t have to use tons of sugar or preservatives to keep it ‘edible’ after an extended holiday on a warehouse shelf.”

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