Maguire Seven artist’s works on auction this weekend to raise money for Sam Hallam Campaign

Art work depicting significant numbers and dates in the life of the Hoxton man Sam Hallam, who claims he has been wrongly imprisoned for murder, is on show in an exhibition this weekend.

The artist behind Barcode, Patrick Maguire, was a victim of a miscarriage of justice himself, when he was wrongly convicted of explosives offences in 1975 at the age of just 13 as one of the Maguire Seven.

A selection of Patrick’s other works – some on the theme of injustice – will be displayed at the exhibition at the Green Hut in New North Road on May 5 and 6.

Bids for the unframed, numbered prints will be accepted, with a minimum bid of �250, and all proceeds will go to the Sam Hallam Campaign.

Sam Hallam has spent the past 7 years in prison protesting his innocence, after he was tried and convicted of murder in a street fight in 2004, aged just 17.

He was sentenced to at least 12 years in prison at the Old Bailey, principally through the evidence of two witnesses who said they saw Hallam take part in the fatal attack.

Now new evidence unearthed by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) has secured a hearing at the Court of Appeal on May 16 and 17.

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Only 3 per cent of cases investigated by the CCRC result in an appeal hearing.