Man hits back at Jewish gender-segregating posters in Stamford Hill with video campaign

Finsbury Park resident Sam Aldersly has hit back after reading about the controversy surrounding posters in Stamford Hill, telling women which side of the road to walk on during a Jewish religious parade, in a unique way.

The 26-year-old filmmaker printed his own posters with the words “Women please feel free to walk wherever you want…it’s 2014” and pinned them around the Stamford Hill area.

He then filmed a video, shared on Youtube, detailing the reactions of several orthodox Jewish men and children, looking around and then taking the posters down.

Sam said: “It was quite interesting as they were taking them down pretty quickly. They were mainly men but there was a woman who took one down that I wasn’t quick enough to capture on camera.

“I think they were taking them down definitely for other reasons rather than litter. They were reading and looked angry afterwards while walking down the street.”

Sam said he put the posters up mainly to send a message.

He said: “I’m not a massive fan of religion in the first place because it has topics that class woman as second class citizens. I think even separating genders is a bad thing.”

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Sam added that it took “literally minutes” for 30 of his posters to be taken down.