This week 30 years ago: Man involved in campaign for Colin Roach inquiry wins £20,000 payout for wrongful arrests

The Gazette 60 years ago

The Gazette 60 years ago - Credit: Archant

Seven police officers were under investigation following a £20,000 out of court settlement to a man wrongly arrested five times.

Ace Kelly claimed he was assaulted, wrongly arrested and falsely imprisoned five times between 1983 and 1984. He was cleared every time.

Two of the arrests took place in Kingsland High Street and a third in Old Street.

Mr Kelly, secretary of Hackney Youth In Progress, was heavily involved in the campaign for an independent inquiry into the death of Colin Roach in 1983 at Stoke Newington Police Station. He claims his involvement led to him being victimised by the police.

Colin Roach was 21 when he was shot inside Stoke Newington police station 35 years ago, and the community was convinced cops had a hand.

Events surrounding his death remain a mystery. Police officers said he had committed suicide. But his family and friends were suspicious because Colin was shot in the back of the head.