Mare Street pizza shop Carolina told: Stop dumping rubbish or we won’t let you sell alcohol any more

Fly tipping outside Carolina Pizza. Picture: Hackney Council

Fly tipping outside Carolina Pizza. Picture: Hackney Council - Credit: hackney council

The owner of Carolina Pizza has been allowed to continue serving alcohol until the early hours of the morning – on the condition that no more fly-tipping takes place outside his shop.

A review of the Mare Street take-away’s licence at the town hall was carried out because the commercial waste being dumped in the street was considered a “persistent and continuing nuisance”. Staff had apparently been “ignoring the time bands” for waste collection and leaving it out in the early hours knowing the council would collect it free of charge at the taxpayer’s expense.

Unsecured boxes were being blown around in the wind and the waste could have attracted foxes, pigeons, rats and flies, according to the environmental enforcement officer who requested a review of his licence.

Owner Luqman Yasin, who was fined after admitting seven fly-tipping offences last year, didn’t wish to comment.