Mark Duggan’s aunt to discuss riots at Dalston’s Rio

Mark Duggan’s aunt will join in a discussion about whether riots are inevitable under capitalism, following a screening in Dalston of a film about the riots which his death sparked two years ago.

The shooting of Mr Duggan by police in August 2011 sparked in many parts of London including Hackney, and the circumstances leading to his death are now being investigated in an inquest.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is screening the film Riot From Wrong as part of its campaign to challenging the three main political parties.

It believes they all advocate policies which make the poor pay for an economic crisis they did not create, and that this was the primary cause of the riots.

The film screening takes place at 1.30pm this Saturday (November 9) in the Rio Cinema in Kingsland High Street, Dalston.

Carol Duggan will join in the post-film discussion at 3pm, along with Suzanne Beishon from Youth Fight For Jobs campaign organisation, Dilan Selgin from the Daymer Youth and youth worker Dean Ryan.