Mayor gives hope to West Ham, but issues blow to Spurs

London Mayor insists a running track must be part of the Stadium after 2012 Games.

LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson has dealt a Hammer blow to Tottenham’s chances of taking over the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Games by stating that the running track must remain.

Spurs and partners AEG had emerged as genuine rivals to West Ham to take control of the venue after the Games, but were adament that the running track would be removed if they won the bid.

However at a press conference in London today, Johnson was firm in his belief that the track would remain in place.

“The Olympic track is a non-negotiable part of the original criteria,” he said.

“All interested parties who wish to make use of the Stadium, the track must be part of their presentation.”

West Ham have issued a preference to the removal of the track, but have stated that they are willing to come to a compromise and this statement from Johnson seems to rule Tottenham out of the running.