Memories of Hoxton needed for new art project

A group of artists and volunteers is calling on people to share their memories of Hoxton for a new oral history project.

Personal experiences in the district will be the focus of the exhibition to highlight the diversity of residents and visitors in the borough.

Words taken from the memory will be applied to the streets using a method called reverse graffiti.

Excerpts of the memory will be turned into stencils and the pavement will be cleaned through the stencil, so that the words appear lighter than the surrounding pavement.

A spokesperson said: “We’re essentially cleaning the pavement where it is dirty, which is non-destructive. As people walk over it the dirt gets replaced and the memory erodes. We thought this was a nice metaphor for people seeing into the lives of others that they see every day, but don’t really know.”

The project is being produced in partnership with Hoxton Hall and will debut at the Hoxton Fun Palace Festival in October. To get involved visit: