Michael Jackson statue at Hackney recording studio sparks death threats

A Hackney recording studio has become the target of hate mail and death threats after installing a controversial Michael Jackson statue.

Bosses at The Premises Studios in Hackney Road have received a barrage of angry messages since displaying ‘Madonna and Child’, a life-sized model by Swedish-born sculptor Maria von K�hler showing the moment the singer dangled his baby out of the window.

Daniela Hairabedian said: “This sculpture is a disgrace. Instead of honouring Michael Jackson for his many contributions to the music industry, you chose to ridicule him in this manner. For your information, MJ was not dangling his baby, but showing the baby to his fans who asked to see the baby. I urge you to remove this sculpture and replace it with one that honours Michael Jackson’s amazing talents and humanitarian accomplishments.”

Another Michael Jackson fan commenting on The Premises’ site even threatened to set the studios on fire.

But Viv Broughton, chief executive of The Premises Studios, said the artwork would not be taken down.

“The sculpture recreates a moment of high drama in music history,” he said.

“The fans turned him into a deity and he in turn offered them his son. Lots of people have come here to view it. Most people think it’s brilliant.”