Michael Rosen makes up funny rhymes about body parts in the Arcola Theatre

Creative genius Michael Rosen sang songs to children and made up funny rhymes about body parts, in a series of workshops at the Arcola Theatre on Tuesday.

Hackney resident Rosen read verses from his latest book, ‘Even My Ears Are Smiling’ to youngsters from Northwold, Colvestone, Lauriston and Millfields primary schools as a creative starting point.

The children then wrote their own poems and read them out with the ex-children’s laureate at the theatre in Ashwin Street, Dalston.

Alison Kriel, headteacher of Northwold School in Northwold Road, said: “Michael Rosen has a way of engaging children as readers; even the most reluctant readers are drawn in, especially as the writing is edgy and with the possibility of something naughty coming up.

“When reading the book, the reader can clearly hear the voice of Rosen; such is the strength and clarity of the writing. Pupils are inspired, they feel they can have a go.”

A further seven schools are already signed up for similar workshops in the spring.