Hackney council 'turbocharges' promise to insource services

Hackney Town Hall entrance. Picture: Hackney Council

Hackney Town Hall entrance.  - Credit: If you have not been credited to

Plans to bring more council services back in-house will see more than 360 cleaning, maintenance and parking enforcement staff transferred by March next year. 

The move, approved by Hackney Council's cabinet on February 22, will see council services worth almost £12m every year reclaimed from private companies. 

Deputy Mayor Cllr Rebecca Rennison, cabinet member for finance, housing needs and supply, said: “The whole country has seen over the last year what can happen when contracts are outsourced to the private sector by default – without the right checks and balances to ensure taxpayers are getting high-quality and cost-effective services they can rely on.

“Residents want to see their council services run by local, committed public servants that understand their community and can respond quickly in a crisis – not unaccountable private companies."

Cllr Rebecca Rennison, Hackney cabinet member for housing. Picture: Hackney Council

Deputy Mayor Cllr Rebecca Rennison, cabinet member for finance, housing needs and supply - Credit: Archant

While the council made a manifesto commitment in 2018 to bring more services in-house, Cllr Rennison says the local authority is now working to "turbocharge insourcing" and ensure it is spending money in the borough "wherever possible" while employing more local people. 

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