Mystery ‘grave’ appears in London Fields

Police investigating grave-like mound which appeared overnight

POLICE are investigating a mysterious ‘grave’ which has appeared overnight in London Fields.

The mound of earth with a pot of flowers placed on top was spotted this morning by dog walkers.

So far it is not known if there is anything buried underneath it – or if it is a prank or ‘art’.

Park users who noticed the mound, near the Martello Street entrance to the park this lunchtime said they thought a pet owner had buried their dog in London Fields, a popular destination for dog walkers.

The mound is large enough to conceal a large dog or a small child.

Dog owner Mike Whaley, a writer of Ritson Road, Hackney, said: “Let’s hope it’s a dog. If it is and people don’t have their own garden it’s understandable people who want to have a ceremony would maybe do something like this rather than leaving their beloved pet with the vet.

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“Our cat died recently and we had to do that. I think they have a mass cremation.

It’s quite difficult for people who live in flats with pets. There are pet cemeteries but you’ve got to have loads of money.”

Yuen Leluu, 33, a food writer of Elingfort Road, said: “It wasn’t here yesterday. It could be a dog, that’s what I thought from far away but if you were a dog owner you’d know that other dogs and foxes would just dig it up. I think it might be art.”

Dogs who noticed the mound when the Gazette investigated sniffed around it but soon moved on to something else.

Playwright Snoo Wilson, 62, of Middleton Road, said: “I think it there was anything under it the dogs would’ve shown more interest.”

Park wardens said they were aware of the mound but have followed procedure and informed the police.

A police spokeswoman said that Queensbridge Road Safer Neighbourhoods Team would investigate.

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