For millions of people around the world, hair is one of their most important personal features and that means taking good care of it.

Whether sticking to a one-of-a-kind hair routine or making sure that you style it in a way that’s just right for you, hair tells a lot about a person.

One big part of anyone’s hair routine, myself included, is having good tools, especially a hair dryer.

The hair dryer market is filled with hundreds of variations all offering specific tools, heat and strength.

The price of a hair dryer can range from £10 to upwards of £400, but how different can two of the same products be?

Well, I thought I would find out for myself by comparing a £329 Dyson Supersonic hair dryer with a £40 BaByliss Midnight Luxe 2300 Dryer.

Hackney Gazette: The Dyson hair dryer.The Dyson hair dryer. (Image: Newsquest)

How does a £40 Babyliss hair dryer compare to a £329 Dyson hairdryer?

First things first, the design of a hair dryer might not seem important to everyone, but if you’re willing to spend upwards of £300, you want it to look good.

The Dyson Supersonic has a design that just screams Dyson with the smooth not patterned finish and its ‘state of the art’ open design.

The BaByliss is like any typical hair dryer you can pick up from a supermarket but slightly more fashionable than your normal all-black design and instead a touch of ‘midnight blue and gold’.

Away from design and on to the really important information, how good are they?

The Dyson Supersonic is everything you could ever need from a hair dryer and more.

Hackney Gazette: The Dyson hair dryer and tools.The Dyson hair dryer and tools. (Image: Newsquest)

Of course, you get your normal settings of heat and strength, but the power that comes from the Dyson will get your hair dry in seconds.

Although I sometimes find the top heat on the Dyson too hot, the second heat is a happy medium for all.

The £329 hair dryer works great for getting styles or if you’re in a rush, and the cold shot is a saving grace for any hairstyle.

But the best part about the Dyson Supersonic is that you only really need that, it’s like the Swiss Army Knives of hair dryers with all its tools.

The high-end product comes with five very handy attachments: a diffuser, a styling concentrator, a gentle air attachment, a wide-tooth comb and a flyaway attachment.

Each tool is super simple to attach with strong sturdy magnetised equipment that holds the dryer and tool together.

Hackney Gazette: The BaByliss dryer.The BaByliss dryer. (Image: Newsquest)

My favourite tool is the diffuser, it gives a natural dry look and helps define my natural waves but the flyaway is a close runner-up helping my hair look salon-worthy.

Moving on to the cheaper but just as worthy BaByliss, it shares some similarities to the Dyson.

While it only has three settings compared to the £329 hair dryer’s four, the BaByliss £40 version still packs a punch and does what it is made for, quickly and effectless drying hair.

The BaByliss also shares the cool shot, although not as powerful as Dyson, it still gives that extra hand to help lock in a style.

The biggest difference between the two is the BaBylis's lack of tools, only coming with a Slim concentrator nozzle which although great, seems hard to compare to the Dyson’s five tools.

What's best a £329 or £40 hair dryer?

It might seem wrong to compare two vastly different-priced hair dryers, but when it comes to hair and the difference of £289, it’s worth seeing how much different such a specific tool can be.

As it turns out, the price makes a big difference.


Don’t get me wrong, the BaByliss is great and does everything that a hairdryer can do and at £40 is a bit of a steal.

But the Dyson Supersonic just does so much more, but because of its wider offerings, also comes with an eye-watering price tag.

For professionals or hair fans looking for one tool that does it all, then Dyson is the way to go, but if you’re just looking for dry hair and not worried about the extras, then save the bucks and go for the cheaper and more affordable BaByliss.