Neighbours fight bid for 24-hour Dalston licence

Blue Studios in Dalston Lane.

Blue Studios in Dalston Lane. - Credit: Archant

A new music and film studio has been caught in the middle of a furore after it applied for a 24-hour licence.

The Blue Studios in Dalston Lane, Dalston, has been the target of a “substantial and growing local protest” about its application. Residents believe it would encourage antisocial behaviour and drug-dealing.

Pamela Gordon, of Ritson Road, said: “The Blue has done a very good job of leafleting and lobbying in the local community. We, however, find their explanations dubious to say the least.

“The nub of the protest stems from a deep suspicion as to why a 24-hour licence needs to be applied for as a ‘catch-all to cover all eventualities’.

“This sounds like keeping your options open to us and could lead to unrestricted entertainment in the heart of a residential community, leaving us to pick up the pieces and deal with all that comes with 24-hour drinking and music.”

Another Ritson Road resident, Tom Roberts, said: “All the ensuing problems of noise, drunkenness, litter, vomit, cars coming and going and light pollution would impact significantly on the local residents.

“We have had experience over the past few years with loud parties from across the tracks.

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“As a result, both our child and ourselves have had very disrupted sleep on those occasions.

“The corner of Ritson and Stannard Road has been used in the past by drug dealers working out of their cars. Some years back the police installed surveillance cameras in Dalston Lane and now it is rare to see a car doing business at night.

“But the granting of a 24- hour licence a stone’s throw away, with all the people out for a good time, will undoubtedly make our street once again attractive to dealers.”

However, the studio claims it only applied for the licence so it could serve up burgers for clients working late.

A spokesman said: “There’s a big circular going round saying we are starting up a 24-hour nightclub, which is not the case. They’ve got the wrong idea.

“We are going to be working late so we applied for a licence so we could serve burgers and drinks. As there are no other facilities in the area we thought we would create our own. Unfortunately, it’s created a bit of a stir. We are here to add to the place rather than be a nuisance.”