New app connects independent Hackney businesses directly to shoppers

Founders of StreetHub

Founders of StreetHub - Credit: Archant

A unique app connecting shoppers to independent businesses in their area has launched in Hackney.

StreetHub offers people a handpicked selection of items chosen from boutiques across the borough.

Purchases made through the app are discounted by 10 per cent and are available instantly to click and collect or be delivered in as little as 90 minutes.

Founders Mandeep Singh, Maxim Berglundand and Alex Loizou said they saw a gap in the market where large retailers were taking advantage of mobile technology.

Mandeep said: “We spent a lot of time in Hackney and saw that by bringing all the independent shops together we could help them take advantage as well.”

The entrepreneurs went out and explained their idea to business owners around the borough.

Mandeep said: “If you are an independent and you are paying rent, your big advantage over any other Amazon or eBay shop is your space. You have this wonderful physical presence, great customer service and unique items.

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“When we built StreetHub we tried to send people into the actual shops.”

He continued: “We wanted to take e-commerce to the next level, actually showing what’s inside the boutiques. We started off by just showing products but that wasn’t getting across the feel of the shops themselves.

“One of the most important aspects is the people; we have quotes and pictures from the founders so you feel like you are talking to the people that curated the products.

“They are the one that the story is about.”

The idea was conceived at the Trampery shared workspace in Mare Street.

Mandeep said that Hackney was the perfect place to work on and trial their new project.

He said: “There are two reasons. There is loads of entrepreneurship coming from the area. You see more and more co working and office spaces.

“Secondly for us, there is also a culture of great shops and independent businesses. Stoke Newington is probably my favourite for that. It was a perfect combination for us.”

In the past few months StreetHub has incorporated 300 shops into their database.

It is free for customers and shops to join the app, which charges commission from the retailers if one of their products is purchased online.

To enquire about joining, email

To get the app go to: