Hackney CCTV van brought in to enforce new traffic rules

A white van mounted with CCTV equiptment bearing the Hackney Council logo

Hackney's new enforcement van has been called Colombo by Cllr Burke. - Credit: Hackney Council

A new fully-electric CCTV enforcement van will be monitoring Hackney's traffic filters to ensure drivers observe road restrictions. 

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Hackney Council has been rolling out low traffic schemes around the borough to reduce car use and encourage people to walk and cycle more. 

Measures such as traffic filters have been implemented to limit or prevent through-traffic on certain streets. 

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But nearly all filters were installed without bollards, so emergency services can pass through them. 

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The council says its new enforcement van, nicknamed Colombo by environment chief Cllr Jon Burke after the fictional detective of the same name, will ensure drivers adhere to the new rules. 

Cllr Burke said: "We don't want to make a penny from Hackney's drivers.

"However, where we know vehicles continue to illegally drive through filters, our new CCTV van is just one more thing to help reduce traffic in each area."