New rules for Hackney Central pub as families speak out over bad behaviour

A late-night pub has been banned from admitting people after midnight after residents complained customers were urinating on their doorsteps.

The licence for Maddigan’s pub in Mare Street, Hackney, was under review at the town hall on Tuesday after no fewer than four residents’ associations raised concerns about its contribution to noise, crime and disorder.

Martin Sugarman, of Brenthouse Road, said residents were calling for the pub, which claims it is a family establishment, to have its closing time slashed from 2am on Friday and Saturday and 12.30am on weeknights to 11pm because people struggled to sleep due to noisy customers.

Mr Sugarman said: “We first had problems with this establishment in 2007 and 2008. It was causing a lot of disturbance in the area.

“The problem we have is that groups congregate outside the pub while drinking. They leave behind broken glass, and defecate and urinate in the street.”

A mother from Mare Street, who did not wish to be named, told the committee that she regularly found urine on her front door.

She said: “This has a huge impact on our child. He feels disgusted about the place where he lives. He also feels aggressive towards the people who do this. I don’t want him to feel aggressive.”

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Insp Ian Simpkins said that although Maddigan’s was not currently a pressing source of concern, police were worried the number of night-time hot spots in Hackney Central had an impact on residents.

He added that the pub had only put up posters discouraging patrons from committing anti-social behaviour half an hour before the licensing committee meeting.

Consultant Shaun Murkett, representing pub licensee Ali Abaci, claimed there was insufficient evidence that the pub was the sole cause of disorder and blamed neighbouring pubs such as The Dolphin.

Chairman Brian Bell asked the pub to fulfil four conditions, including delivering a dispersal plan by December, ensuring none of the benches in front of the pub was occupied after 11pm, admitting no new customers after midnight and meeting regularly with residents to discuss issues.

The Dolphin had its hours cut this year, but an appeal is due in December.