Artist paints dancer in motion in Shoreditch to mark the city's lockdown emergence

Shoreditch mural and dance performance.

The Shoreditch performance fusing art and dance was streamed live online. - Credit: Dave Purgas

An artist has created a mural in Shoreditch, depicting a contemporary dancer during a live-streamed performance at Dereham Place. 

Gwendolyn Kassenaar painted Petra Haller as she danced in the Shoreditch street in a performance conveying the emergence from lockdown and the struggles many have faced during the pandemic. 

Gwendolyn's aim was to "shift the boundaries between art and dance", adding: " I wanted to ensure that visitors left the experience wanting to embrace life on a higher level.

"Ultimately, I [want to] encourage people to find out who they are and have the courage to live true to themselves.”

Shoreditch mural and dance performance.

Both Gwendolyn and Petra are both resident artists at the Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston. - Credit: Dave Purgas

Gwendolyn painted the huge six by three meter live and the event was broadcast on Facebook and Instagram

The mural will become part of an extended residency called Transcendence which will see the artist move from Shoreditch to Old Street in coming weeks.

It will be in place until May 7.

To watch the performance click here.

The mural is part of an extended series called Transcendence.

The mural is part of an extended series called Transcendence. - Credit: Dave Purgas

The finished artwork in Shoreditch.

The mural be in Shoreditch until May 7 at Dereham Place, Shoreditch. - Credit: Dave Purgas

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