News flashback: Krays back in dock over pub stabbing


7.9.56 - Credit: Archant

The Krays, two “tall and well built” brothers accused of being part of a violent stabbing, were told the prosecution had difficulty with their case – because they were identical twins.

The twins, 22, of Vallance Road, were charged along with dockers William Jones, 44, and Robert Ramsey, 34, with causing GBH with intent after an attack on Terrence Martin.

Prosecutor Kenneth Richardson said: “It appears to be a case of quite deliberate serious wounding of the most violent kind with very little motive at all.”

He said Martin was playing cards when one of the twins came into the Britannia pub – though it was not clear which one. He asked “where’s that Fullerton?” before telling Martin “come outside or we will kill you in here”.