‘No complacency’ as Hackney deprivation levels drop

There is 'more to do' to tackle deprivation among the young and old in Islington, Councillor Andy Hu

There is 'more to do' to tackle deprivation among the young and old in Islington, Councillor Andy Hull has said. Photo: Jens Kalaene/DPA/Press Association Images - Credit: DPA Germany

Deprivaton levels have plummeted in the borough – but there can be “no complacency”, the council has warned.

A recent government study shows the proportion of the borough’s neighbourhoods ranked as highly deprived have dropped from 42 to 17 per cent, meaning it is no longer features in the top 20 in England.

Despite this improvement, the ONS figures show that in Hackney, 43.1 per cent of older people are living in income deprivation, topped only by Tower Hamlets. This is a slight drop from the 44.7pc in 2010.

Children are also at risk in the borough, with nearly a third – 32.2pc – living in incomed deprived families. However, this marks a considerable drop from 2010, when 47.8pc of 0-15 year olds were in that category.

“The influences behind the indices are incredibly complex but it’s true that Hackney has changed a huge amount over the last decade,” said a spokesperson for Hackney Council.

“The council has worked hard with its partners to deliver its key priorities; education has improved beyond recognition, the transport network means we’re far better connected to the rest of London, and cleaner streets, improved parks and green spaces and employment opportunities are among the many things that have made it a desirable place to live.

“The demographic of those moving into east London has been changing over recent years, however Hackney is still a very diverse borough and many of our residents still live below the poverty line.”

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On the ‘extent’ summary measure of deprivation Hackney ranks 11th - a significant improvement from 2010, when it topped the rankings.

“There can be no complacency – eleventh place in these rankings still shows the scale of the challenge that faces us. It’s our role to continue to create opportunities so that all residents are able to benefit from the positive changes taking place in the borough.”

To view the survey, go to gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/465791/English_Indices_of_Deprivation_2015_-_Statistical_Release.pdf