Noise annoyance for Haggerston Station neighbours

The volume and frequency of announcements such as “Please stand behind the yellow line” is becoming a nightmare

It is maddening enough when you are waiting on the platform – but the safety announcement “Please stand behind the yellow line” is becoming a nightmare for some Haggerston residents who can hear it from their own beds.

Neighbours living in a flats complex in Arbutus Street are wishing for a peaceful Christmas break without a barrage of broadcasts from the new Haggerston Overground Station.

They have been complaining about the volume and frequency of automated train announcements as well as messages from staff using megaphones since station testing began ahead of the launch of the East London Line almost a year ago.

“It’s the volume of the announcements, it’s crazy,” said Stephen Walker.

“If you are at home on a Friday night having a conversation, they are at the same level as that.

“We appreciate that there needs to be safety announcements but it seems that they are a bit excessive,” said the 32-year-old graphic designer who pays �300 a week for his one bedroom studio apartment.

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Residents would like the announcements, which they say start about 5.30am and continue past midnight, to be tuned down with sound dampener.

They are frustrated that even though Transport for London has assured them it is investigating, the situation has not improved.

A spokesman for TfL said: “ TfL apologises to neighbours of Haggerston Overground station for the impact of some louder than usual PA announcements and is working with LOROL(London Overground Operations Ltd), the station operator, to investigate a solution to the issue.

“The PA announcements play an important role in keeping passengers using this London Overground station informed and safe. Not all passengers are familiar with the station, which offers a busy 12 trains per hour service. It is important that announcements can be heard clearly by all passengers.”