Nurse caught on CCTV poking frail pensioner in her face and telling her to “shut her mouth”

Bello was sentenced to four months imprisonment.

Bello was sentenced to four months imprisonment. - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

The family of a vulnerable 92-year old pensioner, who was poked in the head and face by a nurse at her Hoxton nursing home, who told her to “shut her mouth”, have called for CCTV to be installed in all nursing and care homes across the UK.

Faderera Grace Bello, 54, was caught on CCTV carrying out the cruel acts to Bridget Rees while she was supposed to be looking after the frail dementia sufferer, who was wholly dependent for all her needs, at a nursing home in Nuttall Street, Hoxton.

Last October the victim’s daughter, Veronica Davis, noticed bruising on her mother’s arms, and was so concerned she discussed the matter with the nursing home’s manager.

He told her he believed the cause was probably Mrs Rees’ medications.

But unconvinced Ms Davis and her family set up a covert motion sensor camera in Mrs Rees’ room.

The were horrified to see Bello manhandling Mrs Rees on December 6, in what police described as “an inappropriately heavy handed manner”.

At one point Bello poked Mrs Rees in her head and face and could be heard telling her to “shut up” and “shut your mouth” several times.

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Senior management at the care home immediately suspended the nurse and on January 30 Bello was dismissed by Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust due to gross misconduct, with immediate effect.

The footage was passed to Hackney police’s community safety unit and on February 6 Bello was arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm at her home in Southern Way, Romford.

She pleaded guilty at Thames Magistrates Court on Wednesday June 25 and was sentenced to four months imprisonment yesterday at Snaresbrook Crown Court for carer ill treatment and wilful neglect, contrary to Section 44 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

The family of Mrs Rees, said: “Although the family are very disappointed with the sentence given out today, we are pleased that this matter has been investigated fully by the police and brought to the Crown Court.

“This should never have happened and we fully support any moves to install CCTV in nursing and care homes in the UK.”

Mrs Rees passed away on May 9, with the cause of her death unrelated to the injuries.