Oldest cyclist in Capital to Coast ride comes from Hackney

Norman Bright cycled a phenomenal 75 miles on Sunday for charity

Health officials would have us believe folk from Hackney are an unhealthy bunch.

But Norman Bright proved them all wrong on Sunday.

The 75-year old from Stamford Hill rode a phenomenal 75 miles and was the eldest cyclist in the Capital to Coast charity cycle ride from London to Brighton.

“It took me a bloomin long time, there were so many hills I couldn’t believe it, and so many people,” said Norman who lives in Ajex House sheltered housing in East Bank.

His greatest challenge of the route was beauty spot Box Hill, which at over 200 metres is one of the highest hills in the south of England.

“When you get to the top, if you take a photo you think you are in the Alps,” he said.

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“I was going downhill at 40mph, you would think you were part of the Tour de France, there’s a whole series of hairpin bends.

“I think you have to be reasonably fit to do these mad things,” added Norman who was cycle racing and playing tennis again a couple of days later.

Norman wants to raise money for charity Road peace, a national charity for road crash victims.

“People are maimed on the road every day but just don’t get any justice.”

“Cyclists are like fragile birds and motorists are like huge tanks with all guns blazing,” he said.