Olympic jobs bagged for 200 Hackney youths

Youth employment is at an all-time high, so 200 young people from Hackney are thrilled to bag catering jobs during the Olympics.

The students from sixth forms across the borough worked with people’s alliance, London Citizens, to prepare for their interviews at St John in Hackney Church in Lower Clapton Road.

“I’m so happy for the students - seeing them in tears, jumping around, hugging each other was a moment of “world as it should be,”” said Hackney’s London Citizens’ co-ordinator Sebastien Chapleau.

“Not only did London Citizens make sure that the jobs available during the Games would be paid the London Living Wage, we are also making sure our people get those jobs.

“At a time when youth unemployment is so high this demonstrates that organised communities can make things happen and bring hope - and well-needed cash - to our neighbourhoods.”