Olympic Park’s Electric Daisy Carnival pushes neighbours “over the edge”

The Electric Daisy Carnival in the Olympic Park

The Electric Daisy Carnival in the Olympic Park - Credit: Archant

Hackney Wick youngsters hear rude lyrics pumped out of the Electric Daisy Carnival on the Olympic Park. WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT CONTAINED IN VIDEO.

The Electric Daisy Carnival in the Olympic Park

The Electric Daisy Carnival in the Olympic Park - Credit: Archant

Youngsters were subjected to an onslaught of obscene misogynistic lyrics as they played in their gardens at the weekend – because “unbelievably loud” dance music was being pumped out of an electro concert at the Olympic Park.

The Electric Daisy Carnival

The Electric Daisy Carnival - Credit: Archant

Hackney Wick residents claim they were able to hear songs like Pharoahe Monch’s Simon Says word for word – which includes a number of expletives – as DJs spun their tunes at the Electric Daisy Carnival on Saturday.

Dee O’Connell who lives in Windsor Wharf, said the booming base from the “relentless house and techno” was a “complete nightmare”.

“Because we had so many problems with the Olympics I’m trying to keep rational and be tolerant but the EDC really pushed us over the edge, my elderly neighbours were getting really stressed about it,

“Some people phoned the noise complaints hotline and were told they would tell the sound desk, but they couldn’t promise it would be turned down.”

She continued: “We do feel a bit bombarded here, on Sunday morning we were woken up by someone shouting in the park with a megaphone for the National Lottery Anniversary fun run.”

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Meanwhile Clare Wooldridge who lives a further mile down the road in Clapton said even with all the windows shut her two children were unable to sleep because of the “unbelievably loud” noise.

Dozens of complaints were made via social networking site Twitter with ‏@silverytheband commenting: “Hyde Park concert now to be held at the Olympic Park due to noise complaints? Because no one lives in east London do they.”

Residents were mistakenly informed to complain to Newham Council about noise pollution.

But in fact the London Legacy Development Cooperation (LLDC), the company responsible for the future of the Olympic Park was in charge of monitoring complaints about its own event which was organised in conjunction with gig promoter Live Nation.

A spokesman for Live Nation said all of the “Summer Events Series” which have included a run of concerts from top names like Bruce Springsteen, Kasabian, Mumford and Sons, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake since June 29 had been well within the noise limits set by the local licensing authorities.

“We work very closely with them and all residents to ensure our events have minimum negative impact on the surrounding areas,” he said.

An LLDC spokesman said: “Being a good neighbour is very important to us and we are working very closely with our event organisers to keep any disruption to a minimum.”

A spokesman from Newham Council, which is ultimately responsible for licensing on the Olympic Park would not say whether the council might consider lowering the noise limit threshold in light of the complaints.

“As the licensing authority, we have considered this issue very carefully,” he said.

“We have to strike a balance between residents living nearby, whose feelings are very important to us, and concertgoers, who want to enjoy themselves.

“We want these major events to be a pivotal part of the Games legacy - drawing thousands of visitors and providing a huge boost for the local economy.”

The licence stipulates 10 concerts adhering to a noise level of 75dB(A) over a 12-month period.

Newham Council received 19 complaints of excessive noise, the LLDC received 15, while Hackney Council received two.

The Electric Daisy Carnival was subject to 500 noise complaints last year in Chicago.

A spokeswoman from both the LLDC and the EDC said the lyrics could have been emanating from the Love Box festival in Victoria Park.