One in four have been mugged in Hackney or know someone who has

Research published by charity Witness Confident calls for witnesses to speak out

One in four people in Hackney have been attacked in the streets in the past year or know someone else who has, according to a north London charity calling for witnesses of crime to speak out.

Research published by Witness Confident today (Thursday) shows 25 per cent of the study’s 200 participants living or working in Hackney had been mugged or assaulted - or knew an acquaintance that had.

The figures were released after the last week’s story in the Gazette about the launch of a six-week-long police blitz on street robberies.

Witness Confident has launched a campaign to reduce street crimes by 20 per cent in the borough, by persuading people to take a stand together.

Campaign director, Guy Dehn, said: “If more people resist the ‘walk-on-by’ culture that is giving attackers and muggers the green light.”

The rate of muggings increased by 21 per cent in the borough last year. One in four victims were under 16, according to Met police.

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Witness Confident said 74 per cent of people had admitted they were not confident anyone would help them if they were attacked in the streets.

Now they want supporters to sign up to new campaign Sparkle, tackling the ‘walk-on-by’ culture.

“We’re not asking people to have-a-go and we’re not asking for money. We just want people to welcome the campaign, support confident witnesses and try to lead by example,” said Mr Dehn.

To sign up to the campaign, email