Parents’ concern after child threatens to jump off Dalston primary school roof

Parents at a Dalston primary school have expressed concern emergency services were not called after a child climbed up onto its roof and threatened to jump.

The child got past a door covering external fire escape steps outside Colvestone Primary in Colvestone Crescent, just as parents were collected their children at the end of the school day.

“The child was just standing up there and we noticed, people were saying to get down, and the child said, “If you come up here I’m going to jump,” said a parent.

“People were running around the playground screaming, saying ‘phone the police’, and then members of staff pushed us out of the playground.”

School staff got the child down, and police have confirmed they were not called on October 12.

“This is serious. You’ve just got to think of the worst scenario, the ledge is a brick wide, if the child didn’t jump they could have slipped, it’s horrific to think that could have happened,” added the parent, who is disappointed the school never apologised to parents about the incident.

“There were a good 50 parents in the playground and their children, it was so public, that’s why I think they might have apologised and said it’s been cared for,” they said.

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“It’s was traumatic, the situation was so alarming, how do you explain that to your child?”

A spokeswoman for the Learning Trust said the incident happened outside of school hours.

“The child’s carers and parents were informed and fully involved in the process. No other child was put at risk,” she added.