Peaceful poets takeover 242 from Homerton

The first Bus Da Rimes event on the 242 bus.

The first Bus Da Rimes event on the 242 bus. - Credit: Archant

The 242 from Homerton will become a “Bus Da Rimes” tonight, when a bunch of poets hold an “open mic” session on the top deck.

Dion Power, who goes by the stage name The Freewheelin’ Troubadour, has organised the “peaceful takeover” of the bus as to Tottenham Court Road and back again.

The youth worker came up with the concept after becoming “tired of being pushed underground” to perform in what he describes as “a rapidly expanding playing field”.

He said: “What I’m referring to is that a lot of poetry nights are held in basements of pubs, and also to the fact that freedom of speech is no longer encouraged, especially not in public places.

“There has been a big influx of new poetry nights in the past year as being a poet is becoming less of a “dirty secret” for people and a much more popular way to express your feelings and get the emotional release we all need from time to time.”

He continued: “It’s therapy in itself and most writers would agree that it benefits their lives and mental states greatly to share their love, passion and anger and have that release.”

“The complete openness and honesty displayed by poets is something you don’t often find in mainstream story-telling or news outlets, it’s a real and undiluted view of the world through each persons eyes.”

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The group will meet in Hackney Central at 7pm, where they will draw a chalk circle for poets to perform in, before boarding the bus at 8pm.

They will stick a sign in the upstairs front window so anyone who wants the join the group en-route knows which bus to get on.

This is the second of a series of monthly events.

Other poets taking part include editor of counter-culture magazine Prowl, the feminist journalist Lisa Luxx, social commentator Shoreditch Boy, Bunmi Hazzan and Gen and The Millmen.

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