Pembury residents puppet parade to promote sustainability

Puppet parade

Puppet parade - Credit: Archant

Young Pembury residents took to the streets for a colourful puppet parade after a week-long workshop to make the figurines.

The project was part of a sustainability initiative in partnership with social engagement organisation Groundwork.

Young residents on the Peabody Estate made the “waste monster” puppets from donated plastic bags and promoted reducing waste by handing out canvas eco bags along the parade route.

The parade concluded a host of activities to encourage sustainability including jewellery making and football.

Veronica Kirwan of Peabody said: “The young people on the Pembury estate not only enjoyed their week but promoted a strong message about the benefits of re-cycling and the dangers of plastic bags – they clog our waterways and spoil our landscapes, they often end up at landfill sites where they take between 20 - 1000 years to break down into even smaller particles that continue to pollute the soil and water.

“We hope that the project has raised awareness and an understanding of the environment. I am confident that many of the young people involved will continue to promote the benefits.”

Young people who wish to take part in community activities can do so at Pembury Youth Clu in Pembury Community Centre, Pembury Close.