‘Phil the burn’: Hackney Mayor inspires ‘hot’ cocktail

The cocktail, #philtheburn

The cocktail, #philtheburn - Credit: Archant

Cocktails dedicated to the new Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville are being served up in bars around Hackney.

Philip Glanville quesioning Jeremy Paxman (Photo: Adrian Pope)

Philip Glanville quesioning Jeremy Paxman (Photo: Adrian Pope)

The spicy, smoky tequila-based drink concocted at Every Cloud bar in Morning Lane is called #philtheburn – the hashtag set up for his Mayoral election campaign. It derives from Bernie Sanders’ hashtag #feelthebern during the American presidential election campaign.

Although the drink is not listed on the menu, Felix Cohen who opened the bar a month ago, will make it for any customers who want to try it.

Mayor Glanville said: “It is a Margarita-based long drink with a chilli liquor, so it’s got an edge. They talked about selling them more widely but at the moment it’s slightly tongue-in-cheek - they saw me and said ‘I want to make you a cocktail.’ I was quite touched and amused.”

Felix told the Gazette: “It’s not on the menu, as much as I love Phil. But if people come in and ask for it, absolutely we can make it up.

“He’s our neighbour and our mayor – any of our neighbours can get a drink named after them, but I’ll definitely remember it when it’s for the mayor.

“It doesn’t really fit stylistically with the rest of the menu [which is] science- and disco-driven drinks.”

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Meanwhile the bartender at Wringer and Mangle in London Fields has created a one-off cocktail with coconut, grapefruit and gin for Mayor Glanville – also called #philtheburn. But this one won’t be on general sale.