Playstation Move review - is it better than Wii?

Playstation launches rival to Nintendo

PUNTERS expecting Sony’s foray into the motion-controlled market of computer games to be a rushed stab at the Nintendo Wii will be pleasantly surprised.

Far from being an afterthought limping into the field of play long after the game starts, Playstation Move is a brilliant addition to the PS3 and already the market leader.

As with the traditional PS3 controllers, the Playstation Move is wireless and charged through plugging into the system.

No need to constantly replace those AA batteries here!

The pack comes complete with a single controller, eye camera and starter disc and set up is easy.

The controller is black, sleek and fits well in the palm of the hand.

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Not too different from the Wii controller so that those familiar with these systems will know what to expect.

The difference here is that on top of the controller is a ‘bubble’ which lights up as you whizz about throwing Frisbees around or

The bubble is actually part of the motion control and is tracked by the camera – much like Hollywood films do with special effects.

Having had the opportunity to try it out for a few weeks with a couple of games I can honestly say that it is well ahead of the Wii in terms of sensitivity, control and accuracy.

I cannot count how many hours I spent just watching the table tennis paddle move left and right on screen in complete unison with my own hand.

The slightest angle is picked up and used accordingly in the game.

Want top spin or vicious slice on a ping pong shot? Not a problem here – just go for it!

The launch games however are a little thin on the ground.

Start The Party is a fun ‘family’ game in which you have to do a series of tasks such as brush a crocodile’s teeth which, while fun, cannot hold a serious gamer for too long.

Kung Fu Rider is...a tad strange. You play a detective on the run from the mafia who escapes by riding an office chair downhill.

Sports Champion is your more standard affair with games such as archery, volleyball and Frisbee and less standard ones such as bocce and gladiator duelling.

Some are better than others and while gladiator succeeds with it’s Tekken-like graphics and celebrations, other feel like they need a personal tweek (such as the Wii minis).

With games such as Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 coming up, Playstation Move can properly stamp its mark on the motion-controlled market.

It is much better than the Wii and now needs to release a series of games to make it the serious choice for those still undecided.

The PlayStation Move Pack (PlayStation Move controller, Eye camera and the starter disk) costs �49.99.