Pochettino suggests Tottenham’s transfer policy will remain unchanged despite Champions League qualification

Mauricio Pochettino has suggested that Tottenham’s transfer policy will remain unchanged, despite their qualification for the Champions League group stage.

Spurs have one of the youngest squads in the top flight and, while they have recorded their highest ever Premier League finish this season, they face a challenging campaign next term as they attempt to repeat the feat while also taking on Europe’s elite teams.

Some Lilywhites supporters might hope to now see an investment in big-name players, and men of experience, to capitalise on the club’s ascent to the Champions League - especially when Spurs will be getting a share of the Premier League’s new £5.13billion TV deal.

However, that would represent a big shift from their dealings last summer, when the net expenditure was just £12m and Heung-Min Son was the only signing that cost more than £12m. In addition, Toby Alderweireld was the only recruit aged over 25.

Pochettino said earlier today that Spurs have displayed “a different way that you can show ambition” and “a different way you can take to get success”.

And, although he has stressed there is money available to prepare the squad for the Champions League, he has suggested the priority will again be to look for value and that his preference is for younger players.

“Always we work in the present but always looking to the future,” he said. “We need to improve our squad to try to compete in a competition that for sure will demand more energy than the Europa League.

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“Maybe if we need to spend money on a player that can improve the squad, the club is able to do that - but I think we have a lot of examples this season that it’s not only about money.

“For us it’s important to recognise players that can improve us and to bring players that can compete in the same way that the squad has [this season], and try to be stronger next season.”

Asked whether age will be a factor when he is recruiting players this summer, Pochettino said: “Yes, I think today at Tottenham, when you analyse the squad, you need to add not only the football side but the human profile.

“You have some limitations, but it’s true that younger players fit better than older players. This is how our squad is different today than maybe a few years ago.”

Pochettino’s job title has been altered from head coach to manager, and he feels that reflects his involvement in all areas of the club, including the spending on signings.

“It is important today, the football has changed and moved on,” he said. “It is more specific, the job, but you need to co-ordinate all. To succeed in the future, you need to co-ordinate, not only to be focused on the game.

“Ok you are head coach, you manage your team, you decide on your starting 11 that you want to play - but you need to be involved in signing players for your style [and] to take care of the club in the financial side, to understand the financial side - because if not maybe now I go to Daniel [Levy, the chairman] and say: ‘I want Messi’. And he says: ‘You are crazy, we don’t have enough money to bring him’. I think it is very important. For me, it represents more my job – manager - than head coach.”

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