Pop-up loos appear in Shoreditch Park as part of campaign for cafe and toilet facilities

Spend a Penny campaign

Spend a Penny campaign - Credit: Archant

Pop-up loos appeared in Shoreditch Park on Sunday as part of a campaign to get a cafe and toilets in the park.

Spend a Penny campaign

Spend a Penny campaign - Credit: Archant

About 75 residents gathered at the park in New North Road in Hoxton to hold a community lunch and set up pop-up toilets to raise awareness of the Spend a Penny for Toilets in Shoreditch Park campaign to get a cafe and toilets.

It was set up by members of St John’s Hoxton church in Pitfield Street, Hoxton after families highlighted concerns they have when using the park during the summer due to a lack of facilities. The campaign is supported by local primary schools, churches and community groups.

During the day, members of the public were invited to sit on two pop-up toilets and hold signs saying “spend a penny for toilets in Shoreditch Park”.

The group have garnered 900 signatures from Hoxton residents and obtained the minimum needed to be debated by the Council at its next meeting.

Rev Graham Hunter: “Members of our church and local community have repeatedly expressed their frustration at the lack of toilets in Shoreditch Park. I’m thrilled that they have organised this campaign to encourage the council to finally act on this important issue. Provision of toilets and a cafe would make an enormous difference to Hoxton residents and visitors.”

Hackney Council proposed to set up facilities in the park several years ago but the plans never bore fruit.

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Kim Wright, corporate director of health and community services, said: “Shoreditch Park is one of Hackney’s green gems and we are aware that not having access to toilets is an issue for people who visit the park. The Council is looking at improving facilities in Shoreditch Park, including possible toilets. We will consult local residents and people who use the park on any future plans.”