Professor Green plays down his footie talent at the Hackney Weekend festival

Professor Green drew in the crowds for the opening performance on the second day of the Hackney Weekend mega-festival.

“How you doing Hackney, it’s a bit of a nightmare all this rain,” he said.

“The only good thing is it can’t get any wetter.”

He treated the audience to his cover of INXS’ I Need You Tonight, along with his version of the dub song Just Be Good To Me, about him being given the run around by a woman.

His girlfriend Millie Mackintosh got a cheer as she walked across the stage making her way to the VIP box on stage, before his entrance.

Heir to the chocolate dynasty, she has a high profile for her appearance in the reality show Made in Chelsea, and the pair have a high profile relationship.

“There’s one thing I’d like to do before I sod off home,” he said before launching into Read All About It, asking the crowd to sing along and wave their arms.

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The brave song recounts his father’s suicide.

DJ Trevor Nelson commented the crowd was livelier than yesterday.

Pro Green, aka Stephen Manderson, told Trevor after his rousing performance he I never thought he would be perform in front of this big a crowd in his home-town Hackney.

He said he’s been inspired by the Radio 1 Academy which has been running for the three weeks preceding the festival in the Hackney Picturehouse in Mare Street.

The idea was to inspire young people to find their career goals.

“It was incredible you know, I got so inspired,” said Pro Green.

“People were finding interests they didn’t know they had.”

“Have you ever played football on hackney marshes?” asked Trevor Nelson.

“I got put in goal most of the time because I was rubbish at football,” he said.