Quirky film sees fictional club promoter enlist real people to create farcical Dalston club night

One Night In Powder

One Night In Powder - Credit: Archant

A fictional club promoter, Kevin Powder, who enlists real-life Dalston characters to help him put on a club night is the focus of a Borat-style farcical documentary movie, making its premiere at the East End Film Festival next week.

Jason Attar and his wife Stella devised the character Kevin Powder after watching The Mayor Of Sunset Strip, a documentary about LA DJ Rodney Bingenheimer who broke many British music acts in America like David Bowie.

“He was a social outsider and tried to get into the cool crew but never managed it,” said Mr Attar, who co-directs and plays the comical character Kevin Powder himself in the film, One Night In Powder.

The film follows Kevin as he tries to throw the most fashionable, farcical night ever seen in London, and the crew spent 10 days searching the streets looking for real people to help him do just that.

“We picked Dalston because it was voted by Italian Vogue as the coolest place in the planet, so Kevin Powder wanted to go there because he wanted to be cool.

“He was living in his limousine, a stretch Carlton Diplomat, it’s the ugliest car you’ve ever seen,” he added.

“You would be quite surprised, there was a camera filming this guy who looks ridiculous, and the vast majority of those we approached asking if they wanted to work with him were very happy to help him,” said Mr Attar.

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“It’s a bit like Borat,” he said referring to Sacha Baron Cohen’s comic creation, adding: “But we aren’t taking the mickey out of the members of the public, Kevin is the idiot and the people are just themselves.

“They knew after a short period of time he was a fictitious character, but they didn’t care.”

They stumbled upon people like MC Diamond who helped provide entertainment, Gary Dolphin, who was in between jobs and became Kevin Powder’s vice president, as well as Charlie Partridge and many local bands.

Some arts students from West London they met in Ridley Road Market made the art for the animal-themed club night, which ended up as an “utter shambles”, and saw £800 of the budget paid to enlist all three Jack Nicholson lookalikes in the UK to tout for business outside.

All those who took part said taking part had been a positive experience for them.

“The response was heartfelt,” said Mr Attar.

“Gary Dolphin who was having a hard time said it had given him a genuine boost of confidence, the others said universally if Kevin Powder wanted to do it again they would do it at the drop of the hat.

“We were genuinely touched, they enjoyed the experience, we made a great comedy film, what more could we ask for?”

The screening at 8pm on Thursday July 4 takes place at Genesis cinema in Mile End Road, Whitechapel.

For more information about the East End Film Festival which runs until July 10, see www.eastendfilmfestival.com.