Rats eat Dalston woman’s walls

Baron House in Tyssen Street, Dalston.

Baron House in Tyssen Street, Dalston. - Credit: Archant

A Dalston mum is being driven up the wall by rats which are keeping her and her teenage daughter awake at night.

A hole in the wall of one of Beverly Thompson's rooms as rats try to chew their way through.

A hole in the wall of one of Beverly Thompson's rooms as rats try to chew their way through. - Credit: Archant

Beverley Thompson, 51, of Baron House in Tyssen Street, has been plagued for months by rats which are chewing the walls and ceiling of her flat.

The teaching assistant and Family Mosaic housing association tenant said: “The flat has trouble with rats coming into the wall cavities. They are coming from the sewers. They have nibbled through the walls and ceilings in the bedroom, the sitting room, passage and bathroom. A few have even managed to get into the flat and run around. Both I and the cleaner have seen rat and mouse droppings in the flat.

“I can hear them running around the ceiling and making noises and I can hear them eating through the walls at night. They are nibbling through the walls which are made of plasterboard.

“I moved in July last year and I have had this problem since last November.

“Family Mosaic have put poison in the holes in the wall but they are still here.

“It smells rotten in my bedroom and a friend asked me about it. It’s so shameful that someone think you smell rotten. I’m so fed up. I can’t sleep. I suffer from vertigo and my condition becomes worse when I don’t get enough sleep. My daughter goes to school tired.

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“Despite the fact that this property was built a year and a half ago, I’ve got a faulty boiler as well as big black ants coming into the flat. I have to keep putting ant powder all around the front door where they are coming in from. It seems like the flat was cheaply done. I’m not happy here. I would like to be move to another housing association as I’m not happy with Family Mosaic.”

A spokeswoman from Family Mosaic said: “We have arranged for pest control operatives to visit Baron Court several times over the past few months. We regret that despite our best efforts rats continue to infest the property, and we are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible and alleviate any distress caused to residents.”

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