Redknapp: David Beckham would be the perfect crossing coach for Spurs’ Aaron Lennon

HARRY Redknapp reckons that David Beckham would be the ideal coach for Aaron Lennon as the young winger continues to struggle with his crossing.

The Spurs boss still hopes to sign Beckham on a short-term loan from LA Galaxy.

But, far from seeing the former England captain as a temporary replacement for Lennon, Redknapp believes that Beckham could be the perfect training partner for his 23-year-old paceman, potentially playing a pivotal role in his development.

“He’d be good for Aaron. I’m sure Aaron would love to work with him, on his crossing and on his final ball. He’d be a good influence around the place, the type of lad you want at your club and the kind of person you want to have around the young players,” said Redknapp.

“I read some comments from Theo Walcott the other day, saying how David trained and spent time afterwards on the training ground practicing. You need people like that around. He’s been a fantastic player and he is someone the players would look up to and respect.

“David would play on the right but Aaron’s there at the moment. I’m not saying he’s going to come in and take Lennon’s place but he would be a good option. David’s got to come and fight for his place here and he’s not going to start every game, I think he’d know that.”

Should he move to Tottenham, Beckham could be available for a Champions League showdown against his former club AC Milan in February.

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However, Redknapp has revealed that he will happily sign players who are ineligible to play in Europe in the January transfer window.

And the Lilywhites manager believes that Tottenham’s owner and chairman are ready with the chequebook if he can tempt top-class players to White Hart Lane.

“It would be handy to have someone who can play in the Champions League but it’s not necessary,” said Redknapp. “I honestly think if I found the right person the owner and the chairman wouldn’t hesitate to go and buy somebody.

“If it was someone special, if we found a player and we thought ‘yes he can make a difference to us’ then I think they would go for it.

“The owner wants Champions League football again next season, for sure, if we can. That’s where we’re at. He knows how tight it is up there so he feels if we find somebody then we’ll go and do it.

“I think he would like me, in all honesty, to go and spend his money and buy somebody who could make the difference, but I don’t know where that player is.

“Well, I know where they are but they’re not for sale. We can’t go and buy the people that we want, it’s very difficult. But this club is going forward all the time.”