Residents complain about “Hoxtonisation” of London Fields as two venues apply for late-night licences

Residents are worried about street drinking, anti-social behaviour and noise if late-night licences

Residents are worried about street drinking, anti-social behaviour and noise if late-night licences are granted to London Fields Brewery and Netil House - Credit: Getty Images

Residents have complained about the “Hoxtonisation” of London Fields as two venues wait to get the go-ahead for late-night licences at a town hall meeting tomorrow evening.

London Brewery in Warburton Street and Netil House in Westgate Street – which are only two streets apart – have both applied for late-night licence. They currently have temporary events (TENS) licences.

The London Brewery has applied to sell alcohol and play music in its Tap Room venue until midnight from Sunday to Wednesday nights and until 2am from Thursday to Saturday nights. It has been opening until 12am at the weekends under its TEN licence for the last two months.

Neighbouring residents at the Warburton and Darcy Estate in Exmouth Place, which comprises 100 residents, are located around 15 metres from the brewery and say they were not consulted about the licence.

The secretary of the tenants and residents association (TRA) wrote a letter saying the licence would “promote street drinking and park drinking that will result in anti-social behaviour and public nuisance such as urinating, vomiting and a threat to the community safety in the area”.

The secretary added residents had experienced an increase in noise in the area from loud music and the sale of alcohol, saying: “We do not wish to be in conflict with local businesses but we think there has to be a balance between the provision of entertainment facilities for mostly young people congregating in the area and the needs of older residents and families for some peace and quiet late at night when they can get some sleep without endless disturbance.”

Creative Network Partners has requested a late licence for Netil 000 in Netil House, which it hopes will become a “premier events and music venue which could produce a culturally significant space for our borough”.

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They have submitted a request for a late-night licence to sell alcohol, play music and serve as a dance venue until 1am on Wednesday nights, 2am on Thursday nights and until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights.

One Bocking Street resident said: “The area is becoming unbearable for its residents due to the granting of premises licences – almost like Shoreditch and Dalston. Fine if you want a night out, but hell if you want to sleep without being woken up by shouts in the streets or woken up by shouts in the streets.”