Residents concerned over proposed Dalston redevelopments

Ridley Road Shopping Village in Dalston. Picture: Ramzy Alwakeel

Ridley Road Shopping Village in Dalston. Picture: Ramzy Alwakeel - Credit: Archant

Residents are concerned about proposed redevelopments in Dalston and the impact they will have on the area and its community.

Ridley Road Shopping Village. Picture: Leanne Tamara

Ridley Road Shopping Village. Picture: Leanne Tamara - Credit: Archant

Local forum OPEN Dalston says planning applications to redevelop Ridley Road Shopping Village will result in the loss of 39 units for small independent traders, and plans to build on a site next to the Colvestone Primary School nursery could see its outdoor learning space overshadowed by a new building.

Resident Bill Parry-Davies said of the planning application for the vacant lot near Colvestone School: “Sunlight is so important, particularly for the health and well being of young children - indeed, it is essential to life itself.

“This planned development will cause a substantial loss of sunlight & will be vigorously opposed by our community.”

Bill has lived in the area for 35 years and his son attended Colvestone Primary.

The council says proposals for both sites will be scrutinised to make sure they comply with the borough’s planning policies but added, it does not control either site which are operated by private companies.

A spokesperson said: “All comments submitted to the planning service about the applications will be considered as part of this process. As these are live planning applications, we cannot make any further comment.”

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To comment visit and search ref 2017/2897 for the Shopping Village by November 1 and search ref 2020/2206 to comment on the site near Colvestone School - or email

A cyber attack revealed on October 13 has left council services significantly disrupted. As the planning explorer is currently unavailable, residents can comment on planning applications by emailing citing the relevant site planning application reference.

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