Residents count the cost after Upper Clapton flood

Residents in three Upper Clapton roads are starting to mop up after a water main burst flooding basements with gallons of water up to a metre high.

Emergency teams from Thames Water, gas and electricity suppliers and Hackney council have been busy clearing up the mess at an estimated 20 homes at Northwold Road, Alconbury Road and Norcott Road.

Thick mud forced through the pipes was also spread across the road.

Emergency gas cookers were supplied by Hackney council which also offered to provide temporary accommodation and gas for take-aways for people who were unable to stay in their damp homes and are without cooking facilities after the flood last night.

Angry resident Darren Scott said: “There’s so much stuff in this basement flat as we are ardent collectors and it’s irreplaceable. How are Thames Water going to replace it. We’ve had to get rid of the water ourselves.”

Designer Russell Barratt had just been exhibiting accessories at the V and A Museum but had brought them home to his basement bedroom where he was storing them. He had brought the items from the Yohji Yamamoto home last week and they were soaked. The water level reached his mattress which was also wet.

The main burst near the junction of Northwold and Alconbury roads about 2pm on Thursday and flooded back gardens, ground floor rooms and basements.

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Residents spoke of their frustration and some said they had only just put right repairs after a leak of sewage about two years ago had damaged their flats.

Sam Larner praised her neighbour Emma Gittens who had phoned her when she spotted the flood and used a spare key to go into the flat and pile clothing onto a bed.

Ms Larner said: “Ironically I’m a trustee of a charity which helps people in developing countries after floods. I got involved in My Small Help after the last incident.”

Her next door neighbour Kayse Corney said it was like an explosion when the build up of water burst through the pipe forcing up paving slabs.

Marion Nembhard of Alconbury Road whose basement bedroom and living room were flooded said: “I’ve just spent �100,000 on these rooms.”

She said she had contacted Thames Water with concerns about water pressure from the pipe a while ago as she was getting no water in the first floor toilet.

Loss adjusters will be visiting homes to estimate the value of damage at the homes.

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