Result awaited in Hackney by-election count

Count underway at Alexandra Palace

Counting of votes cast by Hackney residents in the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections, as well as the Hackney Central ward council by-election, has got underway at Alexandra Palace. The count for Mayor and Assembly is being held in the main hall, while the count for the vacant seat on Hackney Council is being conducted in a somewhat dingy downstairs room of the famous north London landmark, known as the People’s Palace.

Watching intently the votes being counted for the Jackney Central ward by-election have been three of the four candidates.

Liberal Democrat candidate Pauline Pearce said: “I feel really anxious to know what the outcome is going to be but excited too.”

She described being on the campaign trail as “mental”.

“Every day you knock on doors, get leaflets out and get together. It has drained the energy out of me.”

Ms Pearce, whose dad travelled from Hertfordshire to support her today, added: “The support was there right from the very top to the very bottom. It just kept coming and I thank them all.”

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Labour candidate Ben Hayhurst said: “It has been a great election. We fought on positive issues and by the looks of things the residents of Hackney responded to that.

“It is a pleasure to campaign in Hackney Central. People recognise the improvements.”

Green candidate Mustafa Korel said: “I’m quite excited. It’s always interesting seeing the results of all your hard work.

“It has been two months of hard graft and I’m exhausted but in a good way as we are fighting to change something important. I absolutely love it.”

Conservative candidate Andrew Boff and former GLA member is not presently at the count.

The results of the by-election are forecast to be announced at approxiamately 1pm, with the results of the London Mayor and London Assembly not known until later this evening.