Rogue traders in Hackney generate thousands of pounds for the borough

The ill-gotten gains of “rogue traders” have generated thousands of pounds for Hackney borough over the past year.

Hackney Council’s Trading Standards team has been working with the police to claim compensation from those have been trading illegally in the borough.

All local authorities have powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 to confiscate any financial gains made as a result of a breach of planning control, and under an incentive scheme the authority can claim for a percentage of the assets.

Payment may come from selling property or money held in convicted criminals’ bank accounts.

The largest Hackney case involved an order for �1.1m from seller of fake clothes and shoes, and in another a seller of counterfeit designer goods in Ridley Road market was given a confiscation order of �40k.

Any proceeds given to the Council are fed back into services, benefiting the community.

The council plans to train people in other areas of the council to use the Act, like Housing Benefits and Planning services, and hopes that these cases will act as a warning to those tempted to break the law.