Pink Panther actor Herbert Lom’s grandaughter Rosie paints new mural at Shoreditch Studios

Rosie Lom next to her mural

Rosie Lom next to her mural - Credit: lom

Celebrities attending photoshoots at Shoreditch Studios will enjoy an extra splash of colour thanks to a new mural painted by Pink Panther actor Herbert Lom’s grandaughter.

Artist Rosie Lom was commissioned to create the 66-foot painting at the studios in Bateman's Row, which has welcomed the likes of sprinter Usain Bolt, actor Simon Pegg and singer Rihanna.

Rosie, 23, was inspired to create the abstract design, reflecting studio props like scaffolding, electrical tape and light bulbs, when she worked there as a photographic assistant. The high celebrity footfall at the studios didn't put her off, though one nimble-footed star did surprise her.

"I was busy painting one morning when someone cast a shadow over the wall," she said. "The guy inspecting my mural, during a break from his photoshoot, turned out to be Thierry Henry."

Rosie's grandfather Herbert, who starred opposite comedy legend Peter Sellers - Inspector Clouseau in the popular Pink Panther films - was also a keen painter.

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