‘Rotten’ tree crashes into Stamford Hill school

One of the gates of the Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School in Stamford Hill, north London

One of the gates of the Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School in Stamford Hill, north London - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Teachers were met with a shocking sight today after a tree smashed into a Stamford Hill school, completely destroying one of the classrooms.


The tree had keeled over into a building of Yesodey Hatorah School, in Stamford Hill.

Neighbours alerted police and teachers to the scene at about 7am this morning

Jewish neighbourhood patrol group Shomrim, also attended and tweeted the incident.

The tree had previously stood on property belonging to Southern Housing, which confirmed it would be looking into trees on the rest of its land for signs of infestation.


Principal at the Charedi school, Rabbi Pinter, said: “The tree smashed into one of the cabins that we were using as a classroom. Thank god none of the kids were in there.

“It wasn’t really that windy this morning but now that it is down, you do see it is quite hollow inside. Although it has nice greenery on the top it does look a bit infested. Our plan is now to check any trees on our property and I know Southern is checking too.

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The tree is blocking an entrance to the school but it will be removed tomorrow.”

Met Superintendent Andy Walker, said: “We received a call to a large tree that had fallen through the wall of a school. Hackney officers rushed to the scene, fearing the worst. Fortunately, no-one was around at the time and there were no reports of injuries. The tree was totally rotten at the base, so a strong wind was enough to bring it down.”

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