Route of new ‘cycle superhighway’ through Hackney unveiled as scheme is put to public

A De Deauvoir section of the new cycle superhighway

A De Deauvoir section of the new cycle superhighway - Credit: Archant

Details of a new cycle superhighway’s route have been unveiled as the proposal is put to the public.

Consultation on the scheme, which cuts through Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, Newington Green, Dalston, De Beauvoir and Hoxton, runs until March 29.

The 20km superhighway, called CS1, would run all the way from Tottenham to Liverpool Street and is designed to make cycling safer and more fun for existing bikers – as well as attracting new cyclists.

For most of its length the superhighway would avoid busy streets and the majority of car, freight and bus traffic.

Where it crosses main roads, junctions would be redesigned to be less dangerous for those on two wheels.

Transport for London (TfL) say plans include benefits for pedestrians, such as more crossings, larger footways, attractive paving, and new seating and trees.

If the plans get the nod, construction would start this year and finish in 2016.

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