Rowdy clubbers leaving The Moth Club in Hackney cause ‘nightmare’ for neighbours

An example of the crowds of people leaving The Moth Club late at night.

An example of the crowds of people leaving The Moth Club late at night. - Credit: Archant

Hip nightspot The Moth Club may be able to attract global stars such as Lady Gaga, but it’s not hugely popular with neighbours.

Hackney Council has been receiving complaints for a year about the loud noise and anti-social behaviour (ASB) from partygoers leaving the Valette Street venue.

The old working men’s club was given a new lease of life when it was taken over by the team behind The Shacklewell Arms in 2015 and is now hugely popular with the area’s bearded boozers.

But homeowners and tenants in nearby block Valette House have grown tired of the countless sleepless nights caused by people singing and shouting into the early hours outside their windows.

Thomas Knapp, said: “There’s 46 apartments here and lots of kids. It’s become a real nightmare. We’ve had people having sex in the stairways, there’s laughing gas canisters strewn across the street, people getting knocked down by traffic.

“It goes on until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

“In defence of the club the music is very rarely an issue, they’ve done a good job of sound proofing. What is the problem is all the associated ASB, including that which is directly in the club’s responsibility to maintain.”

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The town hall said officers had made numerous visits, as recently as two weeks ago, but found no breaches of the club’s licence.

Neighbourhoods boss Kim Wright said: “Since June last year, when we first had complaints, officers have made numerous visits, including most recently last week, but have not witnessed a breach of any licensing conditions.

“Officers explained to the owners the seriousness of the complaints from residents. They recognise this and are taking steps to reduce the disturbance, including extra security on busy nights to ensure customers leave quickly and quietly, and additional signage to ensure customers order and wait for taxis inside the venue.

“We will continue to monitor the situation over the next few weeks.”

The Moth Club did not respond to Gazette’s request for a comment.