Royal Mail shake-up of postal services in Clapton and Homerton

Homes and businesses in Homerton and Clapton have been warned that a shake-up of postal services may mean their mail is delivered at different times than previously.

Over the next couple of weeks Royal Mail will gradually change its delivery routes in both the E5 and E9 postcodes.

The changes are part of a plan to modernise the service, introduce new delivery methods and adapt to fewer letters being sent thanks to emails, whilst keeping prices low.

In Clapton and Homerton, delivery times could be earlier or later than before, depending on where customers live on the new delivery route.

Most customers will still get their mail by lunchtime.

Royal Mail Delivery Sector Manager Trevor Williams said experienced local postmen and women will still deliver to the areas.

“The local delivery team and I are fully committed to providing a high quality of service that is as reliable and friendly as customers have come to expect from Royal Mail.”

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Royal Mail will write to every house, business and organisation affected to tell them about the changes.

Customers with queries should contact the Customer Services Team on 0845 601 1399 once they have received a letter. Textphone users should dial 0845 600 0606.