Sainsbury’s scale-down Stoke Newington store plans

Renewed plans for a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Stoke Newington re-ignited controversy this week after the developers redrafted proposals for a scaled-down scheme, but with even more flats.

Plans have been revised for the proposed store at Wilmer Place, behind Stoke Newington Church Street, which attracted a widespread campaign of opposition when they came to light last year.

It included an anti-supermarket protest by campaigners dressed as “zombies,” amid fears it could spell the end for struggling independent shops and businesses.

The new store will be 33% smaller, according to the latest proposal, and plans for a basement car park have been scrapped.

The new plans, by developer Newmark Properties, also include a greater number of flats than previously and more affordable housing.

Victorian buildings previously earmarked for demolition will be retained.

A spokesperson for Newmark Properties said: “We have listened to the feedback we have received and made some significant changes to the scheme.”

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He added: “The scheme has improved a lot since last year thanks to the feedback we received from the local community and the Council.”

A spokesman for Stokey Local, a campaign established last year to oppose the new Sainsbury’s, said: “We have now heard that the developers are making a revised application. In other words, our original campaign has been a success in preventing the first wholly inappropriate application from proceeding.”

They urge people to visit the developers’ consultation next week: “Let’s ensure that the developer knows that this community cares about developments in the community.”

Reaction to the new plans on Twitter was negative.

@Lolipopa tweeted: “There is literally one 2 minutes away and it’s awful. WHY?” whilst @watchbriefmedia added: “Simple – enough of theses “metro/express” stores killing small businesses – either Tesco or Sainsbury’s every 100 yards. Enough!”

Residents and traders are invited to view the plans on site at Wilmer Place on Tuesday May 29, from 12-8pm.

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