Sale of Hackney Crown Estate homes announced following residents’ campaign

Key worker housing to be protected

Hackney’s Crown Estate homes will be sold to housing association Peabody after months of heated debate, it was announced today (Tuesday).

The sale, which is expected to be completed in early spring, follows a campaign by tenants living in terraced houses in Gore Road, South Hackney.

They who feared that if their homes were sold to a private landlord rents would go up, key worker homes would be lost and longstanding communities would be broken up.

But housing bosses have pledged to protect affordable housing and continue to let to key workers such as teachers, nurses and train drivers.

Stephen Howlett, chief executive of Peabody, said: “We are absolutely committed to keeping these homes affordable and available to the key workers who are so crucial to London’s economy and quality of life, and we look forward to welcoming these fantastic communities into the Peabody family.”

Sir Stuart Hampson, chairman of The Crown Estate, a private agency which manages property notionally owned by the Queen, said: “This is an excellent outcome for all concerned.”

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Residents also welcomed the move, although some are still in discussion over legal aspects of the agreement.

Joannie Andrews, chairwoman of Victoria Park Residents’ Association, said:

“We are pleased. We didn’t think the decision to sell was the right one, but we think Peabody are a reputable housing charity and just have to move forward.

“We would like to thank everybody who supported our campaign.”