Sanderson Jones’ and Pippa Evans’ Sunday Assembly moving to East End boxing hall

Sunday Assembly founders Sanderson and Pippa

Sunday Assembly founders Sanderson and Pippa - Credit: Archant

The Godless congregation allegedly kicked out of its place of worship by “moralistic” Christians, will convene in an East End boxing hall this Sunday.

Sunday Assembly founders Sanderson and Pippa

Sunday Assembly founders Sanderson and Pippa - Credit: Archant

Upper Clapton resident and Sunday Assembly Pastor Sanderson Jones, claimed his Godless congregation had been evicted from St Paul’s Church deconsecrated Nave in Balls Pond Road in Islington last month.

He believes the atheist concept had upset some of the Steiner School trustees who run the building, which is leased from the Church of England. However a spokesman for the trustees said health and safety reasons were behind the decision and the church was attracting too many people.

Mr Jones secured use of the British Humanist Society’s Conway Hall in Holborn at the last minute, but this month the Sunday Assembly will relocate to York Hall, in Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green.

Mr Jones hopes to fill the hall to its 1,200 capacity this Sunday at 11am, when the theme will be “happiness”.

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He promised the exile will be temporary: “The plan is to move back to the Islington and Hackney area in the end, but we’re also looking forward to staying put for a bit,” he said.

“We’ve moved around too much.

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He continued: “We’ll go back when we find just the right home. And it will be awesome.”

The Sunday Assembly garnered worldwide attention since comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans launched it in January to celebrate the wonder of life.

With a tag line “live better, help often, wonder more”, tracks like Bill Withers’ Lean On Me have replaced hymns, and more than 200 non-believers worldwide have contacted its founders asking how to set up their own branch.

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